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Monthly Archives: August 2010

One month… four weeks… thirty days… seven hundred and twenty hours… forty three thousand and two hundred minutes… two million five hundred and ninety two thousand seconds… is this a long time? In the life of a twenty eight year old, this is not a huge proportion of his life; but a lot can happen in a month.

One month ago I asked her to be my girlfriend and there began our wonderful journey…

She is petite but with a huge personality; cheerful, crazy, loud, and weird. She has a sweet smile that slants her eyes, a cute nose with a little dimple when she blinks. She is very caring and compassionate but also impatient and indecisive. She is determined but sometimes so dependent on others. She is focused but sometimes loses her way… and this is where I come in.

Maybe I was brought to this World to be her guardian angel, to guide her way when she is lost, to help her up when she falls, to cheer her up when she is sad. I am willing to do all this for her because to see her happy brings me happiness.

Every moment with her seems so special; cooking with her, eating with her, picking her up from home, walking with her hand in hand, watching TV with her, hugging her, kissing her, going to sleep next to her, waking up to see her, and even just laid there in silence staring into her eyes… every moment is one that I will cherish.

She is my princess, she is my angel… she is my best friend, she is my soul mate… and I want to protect her for the rest of her life… please let this journey last for eternity.