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Category Archives: Health

For as long as I can remember, falling asleep has been a process that lasted between 2 and 5 hours; a recurring battle between my eagerness to rest and my overly active brain. As a result, I’ve always been able to survive on just a few hours of sleep. So here I am, blogging at this hour…

My brain has always been able to randomly pick out a thought from within my head and turn it into a brainstorming session on it’s own. A simple thought could turn into questions, questions that needed answering; or it could turn into a parallel universe of events that may have happened if a specific incident hadn’t of occurred. Sometimes a simple thought would turn into a script for a conversation that I would be planning to have with a particular person… whatever my brain decides to do, it always stops me sleeping.

All through the night I would look at my clock and work out how many hours until I needed to wake up; 6 hours would turn to 5, and then 4 hours would turn to 3, the later it got the more I wanted to sleep… a vicious cycle has begun.

As I go through life on just a few hours of rest, every so often the lack of sleep would catch up to me and cause the most painful of pounding headaches. With blood shot eyes and nausea, there is no option but to crawl into bed and pass out… zzZ

However, the past year has been different, falling asleep could now be achieved in under an hour – the downside… waking up early.